Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

We are so pleased to again be able to support two Honours students from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Isabella Kong and Catia Perotti and this is their story.

Isabella has spent her honours year in the Immunology/Molecular Immunology division. Her project looked at the role of epigenetics in lymphocyte proliferation and survival.

Isabella has a wonderful record of community service, ranging from volunteering in a nursing home, volunteering with the ‘Community Friend Program’ organised by Melbourne City Mission, volunteering with VCESS (a tutoring program run by the University of Melbourne aimed at helping high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds get a head start on their final years at school, volunteered with MS Australia by helping with their MS Readathon, and volunteered with Cancer Council as part of Daffodil Day last year.  She’s a brilliant example of a very bright young student who has long understood the importance of giving back to the community.

Catia has been a part of the Chemical Biology division this year, working on a project titled “Chemical probes for target validation of necroptosis inhibitors”.  In addition to tackling her honours year of studies, she has maintained her volunteer role as Head Coach at the Preston Reservoir Swimming Club. This club is a small, volunteer-run not for profit organisation, aimed at improving community engagement.  Catia manages 70 swimmers ranging in age from 8 to 16 years of age.  She organises training, competitions, social events, and is a key liaison point between parents, swimmers. As part of her work with the club, Catia works hard to foster a strong sense of community amongst her swimmers, and aims to be a positive role model for her team. She has also volunteered with Edmund Rice Camps Victoria – camps aimed at helping kids and families from disadvantaged background as well as children with special needs.  In December, Catia was awarded the institute’s Colman Speed Honours Award, which is a prize given annually to the Honours student who attains the highest academic results over the year.


(Catia Perotti and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s director, Professor Doug Hilton).

Photo courtesy of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.


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