Bully Zero Foundation


In April 2012 a group of energetic, passionate and committed individuals – families of bullying victims, senior members of the police force, volunteers, psychologists, teachers, politicians and professionals from various backgrounds established a Foundation like no other.

The Bully Zero Australia Foundation was launched on March 16, 2013 and continues to work tirelessly to deliver evidenced-based, effective programs on a National level. The Foundation exists to protect and empower children, adolescents, teachers, parents, employees and employers, to live fulfilling lives free from all forms of bullying.

Allem Halkic was a teenager with a promising future until he tragically committed suicide as a result of persistent and callous cyber bullying. In 2014 more than 2,500 Australians committed suicide, that is equivalent to 6 a day and 180 attempts are made daily.

These statistics are a tragic reflection of the magnitude of the problem. More than 250 children committed suicide in Australia last year alone. Some of these deaths were attributed to bullying. A staggering one in eight Australians is affected by workplace bullying and cyber bullying affects as many as one in five, often with devastating results.

Bully Zero Australia Foundation has surveyed 308 parents of children aged 10 – 16 over the past 10 months and found 75% are concerned about the impact of Social Media on their children’s on and off-line behaviour. Parents agreed they were digital natives of the online world and many were not sure about the language, apps and social media platforms their children were using.

More than 70% of parents were not aware that bullying was a crime in Victoria and anyone over the age of ten could be charged. Furthermore, 85% did not know about the Federal Crimes legislation amendment Act, which makes using a carriageway to menace, harass or offend others online a crime, punishable by three, seven or ten years imprisonment depending on the threat.

In May 2013 we joined the fight to help the Foundation provide genuine and enduring care for bullying victims and their families and to help create awareness and a permanent positive change. Strathmore Community Bank is proudly partnering the Bully Free Australia Foundation to support its vision to protect and empower Australians to live a fulfilling life free from all forms of Bullying. We were appalled to learn that a staggering one in four people are affected by bullying and that cyber bullying affects as many as four out of ten, with often devastating results.

Our Chairman, Peter McKie says, “We are proud to be partnering with the Foundation to make Australia a safer nation for every generation. We hope that our contribution will assist the Foundation in delivering its community programs. At Strathmore Community Bank we have always reflected the values and needs of our community.”

The Foundation Chairman Hon. Craig Ondarchie MP said, “The Foundation exists to support victims of Bullying and their families. We will achieve this by delivering education programs to schools, parents, students, workplaces and community groups. We aim to educate and empower the policing of bullying and get the message out that bullying in any form is unacceptable. I sincerely thank the Strathmore Community Bank for their generous contribution of $25,000.”

In 2014 your Bank was again a major sponsor of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation Gala Charity Ball helping to raise over $274,000 to ensure vital resources are available to our most vulnerable young people when they need them most.

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